creative juices keep on flowin'

So, after completing my first ever time lapse (!!), I’m really interested in doing more and figuring out what the best sort of flow is. Yesterday, I set it up at intervals of one photograph per minute - which I think was a bit too long. Overall, the time lapse came out okay, but I think I need a smoother transition. I ended up shortening each clip to only last 1 second in the final edit, and it came out… not bad, but I needed to experiment a bit more to figure it out. This blog has, at times, felt like a bit of a chore.There are mornings when I walk out of the house and don’t even want to take a photograph. Which seems so ridiculous and it annoys me so much but when I drive the same route everyday, I see the same things. On top it, it’s a pain to be photographing things when you’re driving in stop and go traffic. BUT - I can already tell that this blog is helping my creativity. Like the book, Big Magic, you need to just BE creative. I never would have taken time to do time lapses or put them together - they would just sit on my camera for weeks on end. On top of it, after I write these posts and edit some photographs or put together a time lapse, I just feel so much better. It feels so good to get this out and write about my process and trial and error and everything. I’m thinking about actually going back to a few series that I’ve worked on continuously and writing up some artists statements. But anyway - here’s what happened tonight — 
Tonight I did it at intervals of one photograph every 15 seconds, one photograph every 2 seconds, and one photograph per second. I’m currently putting them together and will figure out which seems to work best in the end.

And honestly, I think 95% of my inspiration comes from Casey Neistat’s videos.

Stieglitz inspired

It's never easy to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. This morning was one of those mornings when you think you have everything together until you realize you never even made your coffee. Now that I'm back to work, it's a bit harder to photograph, since 80% of the day I'm inside. So, that calls for shooting during my drive to work and home - and some spots in between. One of my favorite things in the morning is walking outside and looking up. It’s something that can be so easily ignored because these days everyone is so caught up in their phones that they’re constantly looking down. 

The sky was big and cloudy and full this morning. Something that has always inspired me is the beauty in cloud formations, the colors that weave themselves in and out of the clouds, and the simplicity of it all. One day, I’m going to do an entire series of clouds drawing inspiration from the collection of Alfred Stieglitz, Equivalent. 

…to show that my photographs were not due to subject matter… clouds were there for everyone—no tax as yet on them—free.
— Alfred Stieglitz

"Big Magic"

I just wrote a few really great paragraphs about creativity and how to find time for creativity or waiting for creativity to find you and suddenly... the webpage had an "error" and reloaded but didn't save ANYTHING I wrote. 

SO. Here we go again. Don't expect this to be real intricate or anything because I'm pretty frustrated right now. 

I'm currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it's really about making time for your creativity. You can't constantly have an excuse to not have time to do your work - whether that may be writing, photographing, painting, drawing, etc. You have to do it every day in order for something to come from it. You can't not do anything and expect things to come to you naturally.

It's more of a self-help book but I really don't feel that way about it. I see it more as something that every artist goes through, probably about 90% of the time, and finally it's in writing. The lack of creativity that I have sometimes is NORMAL. It's ridiculously frustrating, but it's normal. 

So in order to try to beat that from ever happening again (or at least less), this is why I started this blog. Yes, it's definitely a typical New Year's resolution but THAT'S OKAY. Sometimes I need legitimate time to start in order for me to stay on track. I've never truly been one to keep at doing something. I usually stay on track for about a week or so and then slowly drift away from it and never look at it again. Oops. 

Moral of this post - read Big Magic and find your creativity and make the time to stay creative and even though sometimes it may not be there you just have to do something and eventually it'll come back.