Just like this blog-a-day beginning due to the New Year, we had a purge of the apartment as well. I threw a ton of papers out, gave away books, gave away clothes, reorganized my closet/dresser (a miracle) and feel SO much better. I think it's really important to have days to clean and just take time to help yourself become more productive. I know when my side of the room is a mess (almost always) it creates a lot of stress because I know I need to clean it up, but at that point it's just going to be SUCH a pain. Yeah, I get real lazy about some things. 

But on another note, I also cleaned up my desk top and my hard drive. Which is great because you know how I feel about cleaning up my clothes? That's exactly how I feel about cleaning up my hard drive. I created new folders and did a lot of nesting (an old professor would be so proud).

After our big clean out, plus some running around, I came home and decided to make some black and white cookies from scratch. An old time favorite, I remember being a kid and my mom bringing me and my best friend to the bakery downtown and the two of us would split a huge black and white cookie. They came out delicious and naturally I had to document the process.

Now, the key to food photography is all in the lighting. Which my kitchen has just about none. So you can imagine how the photographing went. Out of about forty images, I found ONE good one. 

Here's my semi-okay photo from today - nothing to be proud about but at least I got something to show for it!