Add a pop of color

When I first got my Olympus XA-4 camera, I only had color film in it. It was difficult to shoot because every shot I had to think about the fact that nothing may even come out from this because we weren't sure the camera would even work. Turns out it does work. I recently got the roll of film developed and after scanning the negative I'm really please with the turn out. A lot of the images were of the clouds/sky/sunsets (mostly because I wanted to use up the film and get it developed). The contrast within the images is beautiful. I used Kodak Porta 400 film and I've always loved the color rendition from that film. Below are a few images that are my favorites from the roll.

The first image is from our last snowfall this year, in April!! There's something really sweet about this image. I love that the viewer can see the warm lights on inside the house while seeing the snow falling outside. 

The foggy-ness on the final two images create a mysterious photograph. The first time I was told to go outside and shoot in the fog I was confused. I didn't understand the beauty in fog. Ever since that assignment, I have an urge to go out and shoot when that's what the weather is like. I just want to go to the water and shoot the endless ocean. These two images are simply beautiful. 

It's interesting that I shot in color, but these images don't possess much color. A lot of it is monotone with pops of color. Stay tuned for more images with more color :)