Olympus XA4

For my birthday this year, Joe got me an Olympus-XA4 - a point and shoot film camera. It's great - it's small enough to just fit in my jacket pocket and it's easy to take with me. I'm on my third roll of film through it and just recently Joe developed my first roll of black and white film. The contrast in the images are beautiful. This is my first roll of black and white film that I've shot since my sophomore year of college, and it took a little while of getting used to. I wasn't too thrilled on the images at first. It's so different than shooting in color when you have to really focus on contrast and composition and forget about color.

The first image is one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of the bold lines that draw your eye to focus on the light dancing through the image. The door handle just on the edge of the photo keeps your eye from wandering. I really enjoy the light that is sprawled across the wall. I was sitting at the drive-through when I saw this. Sometimes its the small things that catch your eye.

For the second image, I was sitting in traffic (this is when I take a lot of images.) I love to just look when I'm stuck in traffic. I love photographing houses and the space between houses. It's interesting to see how they interact with each other and the conversation that takes place in the space between each of them. The lighting on these houses were great too - I love that low afternoon light when the sun creates shapes with the shadows from buildings.

The last image is really great too. I was drawn to this space because of the shadows on the drive way. Instead of just focusing on the shadows, I created a composition that shows the relationship of the driveway and the backyard. The driveway and the fence are just about touching and then there's another fence that is not connected to the first one. The shadow from that fence leads your eye out of the image through the bottom left corner. I try to create compositions that challenge the normal ratio of a space.