Chittenden, Vermont

At the end of February, we took a road trip up to Chittenden, VT for a wedding. Vermont is about three-four hours away from us but surprisingly we've only made a trip up there one other time together. It felt good to get out of Beverly for the weekend and get away from our routine. Sometimes that's what is needed most - change. The wedding was at the Mountain Top Inn and it was insanely beautiful. We got there at night so we really couldn't see much of the view but in the morning, it was incredible. Our room had a huge window facing the mountains and it was just breath taking. I wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning. 

When we got there on Friday, they had a big get together for dinner and drinks. We got there a little late but outside they have a hill and had sleds for everyone to go sledding. There was also a fire for the guests to make their own s'mores. It was really creative and a great idea for a winter wedding. On Saturday, the day of the wedding, we all got up and had breakfast and then me, Joe, and his brother decided to go on a hike and explore more of the area. We walked down the hill and went towards a lake that we could see from the hotel (seen above). When we got down there, there was a fire pit so we started a fire and stayed around the area for a little bit. It was relaxing and great to be outside in that weather. Even there we were surrounded by snow, it was great weather. I definitely would love to go back there at some point and explore more of the area!