The day after the storm, we went out and explored the town. I was really hoping for a lot of the snow to be untouched... creating a serene landscape. Unfortunately, by the time we got out of the house, the snow was dirty and melting. I was feeling a bit discouraged because I wasn't intrigued by anything. But the longer we walked and the more we explored, I found some interesting scenes.

I thought that the scene with the grocery cart in it was amusing. The nearest grocery store is probably a couple of miles away from this house. It must have been there for awhile and the owners just never noticed. In the second photograph, I play with perspective and ratio. I'm always trying to get a new "point of view" or work with different ratios. Instead of the fence being in the middle of in 1/3 of the photograph, it's at the very top with the snowy landscape taking up the bottom portion. It's just something different to look at and makes you, as a photographer, think more. The last photograph is of an abandoned building that, despite walking down that street multiple times, I have never seen before. I enjoy this image for the pure fact of knowing where it is. The surrounding area has beautiful homes and then there is just this old building. It's an odd place for it and I always wonder what the history is behind these abandoned buildings.