Pink Skies

So, I'm back. I fell off the blogging wagon for a bit. It happens. Life gets crazy, your camera battery dies and you don't charge it for a week.. you know, normal things. Yesterday, we had another significant amount of snow fall. It looked beautiful outside. But, of course, working my regular job, I wasn't able to be out in the snow photographing. Every bit of me longed to be out there. I tried to focus on my work... really, I did! But with the snow quickly coming down and the cars whizzing by made it really, really hard to keep my mind where it needed to be. But at the end of the day... I got lucky. It wasn't a regular night sky after a full day of snow coming down. It wasn't the type of sky that is grey and cool and still looks full of snow. No. It was a beautiful pink sky. The freshly covered tree branches looked majestic against it. It was a scene that you would have to stop what you're doing to just look. You must be asking if I took out my camera with my dead battery and shot. Oh no... was my battery still dead? No. It had the smallest amount of a charge to it that I was luckily able to capture the moment. It was, what one of my professors would call, a "whisper".

The first shot when I got out of the car. I was in awe. I still can't get over the snow covered white roofs against this pastel pink sky.

I love the way the road splits, with car tracks going in different directions. I love how the cars headlights in the distance blend in with the golden yellow in the sunset. I love how at the end of the storm, it doesn't feel cold with this pink sky. I love the stillness of this image, of this road, of the neighborhood. 

This is a simple photograph but I think it really captures a scene of "after the storm."

This is by far my favorite photograph. I love the fluffy tree branches just sticking out into the pink sunset. They just look so simple and 'there'.