Crane Beach

 I remember this day vividly. It was Columbus Day weekend and very unusual, weather-wise. It was warm - I wasn't even wearing a jacket. We went down to Crane Beach and since it was the off-season, we were able to get into the parking lot without having to have a pass. There were people and dogs laid all on the beach. There were people riding horses and that was the main attraction. One of the horses had to go over a little stream of water but he was so scared that the rider had to get off and walk him around it. I was able to salvage some panoramas from that day. These images went through my Holga camera and were processed and then scanned. I don't entirely understand why they're so blurry - I think I had it on the bulb setting by accident. 

I love the top image so much. I love the overlapping and the layers that are created from it. I think that as an image, it creates so much more depth to it. The layers each create a story that binds it into one panorama. The second one has more of an eery feeling to it. You can vaguely see a man standing there with a dog - if you can even tell that it's a person with a dog. It has a memory-like feeling to it.