Holga Camera

Over the summer and into the fall seasons, I bought a Holga camera and modified it to fit 35mm film. It was something that I had never done before and I wanted to really experiment. I wanted to focus on color and subject matter. I didn't want to get caught up in compositions (but of course that was always in the back of my mind). It was something new, something fun, and something that I was, plain and simple, excited about. Over a few months, I had about four rolls of film that I had gotten developed. Unfortunately, when they were developed the negatives were too thick and the processor was unsure if they would even scan okay. So, I held off until I had access to film scanners and I did it myself. Over the new few days, you'll see snippets of images from these four rolls. They are very much abstract and some are double or even triple exposures, and some are panoramas. Shown below is a strip from a roll of film. I think that sometimes it's the overlapping that is the most beautiful. Forget about the individual images, look at the cinematic feeling of this strip.