Appleton Farms

Appleton Farms is a spot that is a few towns away where we've gone before to hike some trails, explore, and take photographs. This past Fall was the first time I had gone and I was really interested in the open landscape (mostly) and the leaves changing colors (absolutely). Below are some photographs from my Holga camera that I modified to fit 35mm film, specifically Kodak Porta 400. 

Even though these were not intended to be blurry and out of focus - I love the effect that I've achieved here. A lot of this is trial and error and a learning experience. This is all about just creating photographs. Not to get caught up in shooting digitally where you take a photograph and check on the screen what it's like. The idea is to shoot and move on. These are really beautiful to me though and I love the way they create an eeriness (like in my previous post) and give you a different feeling than being in the woods.