I had a busy day. I got to work and from there learned that I had to travel to another location, which is fine. But it totally messed me up, shooting-wise. I was driving on 95 north and at one point there was this beautiful mass of open fields. The light was shining on it and it was the most beautiful lighting. It was that time of morning where the sun is still sort of rising and the light is warm. Now, do you think that I stopped and took pictures? Well, no, because I was going 75 and didn’t really make the decision to pull over until I was past that point. So, I told myself I would HAVE to stop on the way home. 

Now did I?

No… and on the way home the lighting was just a small strip of warm lighting stretched across the field… equally as beautiful as this morning.

And as I drove past that field for the second time that day, I thought to myself that I really need to just stop. I need to just pull over and take that picture. I should have just done that. Nothing will ever be so important that you can’t just stop and enjoy that really warm beautiful lighting stretching across an open field.

On another note - here are my photos from the night… they have absolutely nothing to do with that field.