Blizzard of 2016, pt. 2

Here's another set of photographs from the blizzard. Honestly, it feels wrong even considering this storm a blizzard, being that we only got about 4 inches. Something that I loved about being out in this weather is the stillness of it. Yes, there are cars out, but not many. People aren't whizzing by doing 35 miles an hour down Cabot. People are going slow and steady and taking their time. 

For the top shot - I love because City Side is a well known diner in Beverly. In this photograph, it's a different view of it. The lights are off inside, the diner is closed, there's no one standing outside of it waiting to cross the street. It's just as it is... which is nice.

In the bottom photograph... I love this composition. The two trees framing the street while the two buildings lead your eye down the road into the whiteout. I love the shadows from the tree branches intermingling on the lightly driven on road. It just makes for a really beautiful... feeling.

In both of these photographs, the mixed lighting is amazing. I love light signs, I love warm and cool lights mixing together.