Blizzard of 2016

This past weekend we had our first significant snow fall in the North Shore area. While many cities and states got slammed with snow, it was nice to only get a few inches after our Winter last year. Joe and I went out around 5 pm to take a walk and some photographs. The lighting just seemed perfect at the time that we both grabbed our cameras and rushed out the door. We were not expecting it to be as cold as it was, so we only lasted about 30 minutes out there. I have a handful of photographs that I'm excited about from our venture outside. 

I love this set of photographs. I think the two pair so well together and tell a certain sort of story. Now, what that story is, I'm not entirely sure. I love that the photos are focused - something that was not intentional. I had too much stuff on the front of my lens that my camera wasn't able to focus. But I kept shooting it anyway. It's interesting to see people interacting in certain situations. Something like a snow storm, it seems like people will talk to new neighbors that they've never had a conversation with. People walking with their heads down in order to avoid the snow getting in their eyes will lift up their heads and do a small nod to other people. This woman began to cross the street, opposite of another older woman, and said, "pretty bad weather we're havin'." It wasn't anything big - something very simple, but as she walked past us, she simply kept her head down and walked past us. There was something in that moment with the other woman that made her feel like she could speak up for a moment. I think one of the reasons I love these photographs being out of focus is because it makes you think more about the story behind each one. It's not necessarily about the landscape, but more so about this woman walking around in this snow storm.