Boston, pt. 4

I love layers and the way, from a distance, buildings are built on top of each other. The way one building goes to the next to the next is something that has always caught my eye. I love the shapes and colors and spaces that buildings create together. Things that are three dimensional are turned into a two dimensional collage.

What I love about this is the two buildings that lead to the way back one. Merely feet away from each other, yet so entirely different. I love the character that they all have. One has green fire escapes while the other one has these chocolate brown escapes. The one in the back look like apartments, yet the wall is different on both of them. On top of it, I love the person in the corner stretching his back in order to take a photograph of it. Some times you just have to step back and look at what is right in front of you. It’s the simple things.