Boston, pt. 3

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, whenever we go out into the city, I’m always trying to work on my street photography. I love that with photography, there are so many different styles and you can constantly just take a photograph of whatever is interesting to YOU. You don’t have to photograph anything you don’t want to. I don’t believe in committing to any one “style” either.

This is a spot in Boston where there are always homeless people. It’s a common area that we walk by whenever we leave North Station and go into Boston Public Market. Now, there are tons and tons of people walking by at any given time, and here is a spot where homeless people stay. Now, I certainly thought it was unusual that no one was there when we first walked by. I love the leading lines that bring your eye into the corner, where their blankets are. I think it’s the silence of this photograph that is powerful.