Boston, pt. 2

I love reflections. More specifically, window reflections. Not necessarily reflections in water. I love that through the window, you see a scene but then within that scene, there’s another scene. Your eyes work to focus on what is what. In my photography, I love being able to have viewers stop and look. I want my viewers to question what it is that they’re seeing and how they’re seeing it. I’ve always been interested in multiple different views and causing someone to take a double look. 

The first thing that made me stop and taking this photograph was the fact that there were two people, walking next to each other, both on their phones. It’s amazing to me that people get so wrapped up in their cell phones that they’re unaware of what’s around them. Not only were they right next to each other when I saw them walking, but they continued through the same doors and went down the escalators together - all while still looking down at their phones. I didn’t even recognize how strong the reflection was when I took it it first. It wasn’t until afterwards that I saw this. I love it. I love that within these two people consumed in technology, you have an entirely different scene to look at. I think the vertical lines that go through the frame really break up the composition, as well as the leading lines that go throughout the reflection through the window.