rainy saturdays

Today turned out to be a better day than it seemed like it would be this morning. When I woke up, it was torrential downpour, which turned to snow for about 15 minutes, and turned back to rain. All in all, it ended around noon. While it was snowing, I had to take out my camera and do a few time lapses. They turned out pretty cool, but like I talked about in previous posts, I have to figure out a more seamless flow to it. I set these up for a photograph to be taken every 5 seconds. Maybe I need to do it for every second. Eventually I went out and walked around the downtown area and down to the beach. I’m not one to sit still for very long in front of the television, so I felt the need to get out and do something. I took some photographs but had to eventually put the camera away because my hand felt like it was going to freeze off. But I love some of the photos I got today. It’s just very simplistic, mundane photographs. I hate to use mundane to describe them but it just seems fitting. For example, a gate left wide open with an empty parking lot. A Christmas tree left in the front of someones house. It’s just these very simple, left untouched compositions that I find so compelling. Here’s a few time lapses and some stills for your eyes - since I left some out yesterday.