always people watching

Okay, so this weekend hasn’t been very busy - but I’ve fallen off the track a bit. I didn’t set up a post for yesterday and I didn’t even shoot anything on Friday. I wasn’t too busy to do it, I just wasn’t feel well. I had a really bad headache after work on Friday and just wanted to lay down and not even think about anything. So, while I slacked off a bit on Friday, I did get to shoot on Saturday. Now, granted, it’s 7 pm on Sunday night and I’m JUST writing this blog, but at least it’s getting done.

Yesterday was filled with the usual Saturday things - work in the morning, have lunch, and go out and do errands. We actually went out for lunch yesterday at Atomic Cafe, a local cafe that’s downtown. I really took advantage of the remote camera feature on the X-T10 and sneakily took some photographs of people sitting at their tables. Now that I’ve got the hook of it, I think it could be used as a great tool for street photography.