foggy nights

If there's anything I love more than clouds, sun spots, light vs. shadow, it's the way fog consumes a place. I've always found it amazing to be somewhere when the fog comes rolling in. You could see what was in front of you one minute, and then next you see just about nothing. 

We were in Yarmouth by a bog and the fog was incredible. It was just taking over this whole area and you could barely see across the field. There's nothing more beautiful than creating black and whites out of a foggy photograph. This was quick edited in Camera Raw and brought into Photoshop and I used Calculations to create the black and white. It's always better to do black and white in post production rather than in camera because you'll achieve a much better range than doing it in camera. I was just so in awe by this that I couldn't help but make my boyfriend stop so I could snag a few photos!