Well, after a good one or two weeks of not doing anything productive, I think it's about time that I get back on schedule. So many things have gone on that I really couldn't even think about sitting down to write. I have been shooting on and off (for the most part on) these past two week so I'll have a ton of posts lined up for you for the next few days! 

About two weeks ago we moved into our new apartment. We got incredibly lucky and moved into the apartment across the hall from where our old one was. The move was easy, to say the least. It's so beautiful and has the most amazing light that comes in through the bay window in the living room. 

I love the light, simple feeling of this photograph. This was shot before we moved in and, of course, I had to document the bare bones of our new/first apartment together. The ray of light coming through one of the windows just makes me so excited. This is a photograph that will forever remind me to see things how they are. To always see, and not just look. 

More light! Of course, I'm a photographer so what else do you expect me to see. It's a natural thing to always see how light travels and moves across a room, or a building. It's natural to always see the light bouncing off of one thing onto another, creating an entirely new scene. But I love sun spots. I'm sure I've had other posts that talk about sun spots but I mean, I really love sun spots. So this is a sun spot appreciation photo. 

There will be a ton more posts later this week that follow up on what I've been up to this past week and a half!