cape cod

The weekend after we moved in, we had to go to Cape Cod for the weekend, which is where my boyfriend is from. All of his family was up and we had a birthday party for his grandmother who turned 90. Although the weather wasn't perfect, it was great to get away from the weekend and relax a bit!

This was shot from the Tobin Bridge, which leads you right into Boston. As you drive over it you see the Boston skyline. It definitely isn't one of my favorite spots to drive over, because I hate bridges, but I love photographing it. For this photograph, I changed the shutter speed to 1/25 of a second. I love using slow shutter speeds to create long exposures, especially while I'm in the car. It still amazes me how in control I can be of what I want to achieve. I barely use PhotoShop and most of my photos are just edited through Camera Raw. 

This was taken once we got off the exit to get to my boyfriends house. I just thought the scene was beautiful. When I'm a passenger in the car, I'm always looking out the window and aware of what we're driving past. I love the heavy sky in this.