rainy sunday

I haven't really touched my camera the past few days, with the exception of taking it out to photograph breakfast yesterday. I recently went from working two jobs to only one, which is a great relief since I was working seven days a week. Having the pleasure of sleeping in on Sunday's is one of the best and under appreciated things ever. There's a great market in Beverly that has the best Boston cream donuts, so when I woke up yesterday - that's what I wanted for breakfast. 

(Warning: this blog may turn into a food blog eventually.) 

There's not much to say about this - other than the fact that I took advantage of the early morning light and this delicious donut! Tomorrow I'll be forcing myself to pick up my camera and bring it back out with me. I feel guilty about not shooting the past few days!

This photo was shot on a Canon Rebel Eos T1i with a 50mm lens.