the weekend, the weekend, the weekend

Although I missed the opportunity to put up a post yesterday, that doesn't mean that I didn't take any photographs. After a long week (or at least what felt like one), my boyfriend and I decided to just order some food and hang out on our front porch - which is where this photograph came from. 

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I love photographing things the way they are. The way I see things from my own point of view. It's the simplicity of these items that urge me to show a story. 

We made handmade cheeseburgers tonight. Well, we didn't, but my boyfriend did. I couldn't resist the urge to photograph dinner once it was all put together. 

I've always loved photographing still lives in the studio, and although I don't have the space to set up my studio lights right now, I take advantage of the natural light that comes into my apartment. I love being able to control something so it's portrayed how I want it to be portrayed. It's completely different than being outside in the world photographing things as they are. When I'm in the studio or photographing still lives on my coffee table, I'm actually in control of what I want to do to the food or objects. It's a nice change of scenery to photograph still lives. 

Top photograph is taken with Canon Rebel Eos T1i with an 18-55mm lens. Bottom photograph is taken with Canon Rebel Eos T1i with a 50mm lens. Both photographs are edited through CameraRaw.