the simplicity of what's around you

Day four and still going strong! I did forget to bring my camera with me this morning (or did I just try to escape this project that I've forced myself into?) I was feeling a bit blah about it this morning, unsure as to what and how I should be looking at things. I decided to go out after work and walk around streets that I've never really looked at. One of those things where I drive it every day but don't really notice what's around me. 

I've always been inspired by photographers such as William Eggleston, Stephen Shore (mentioned in previous post), and photographs that show things as they are. There's no crazy retouching, nothing staged - it just is what it is. There's just something about the simplicity of a home. The way people take care of the outside and how things are just left out has always interested me. It gives us a very small window into how they do things. All I'm aiming to do is capture things as they are. These are about things that most people would walk right by and not even take a second look at. This is to show you what is around you. To show you what you're missing when you're too caught up in things.