back roads of beverly, ma

Well, it officially feels like summer in Massachusetts. The birds are chirping, trees are in full bloom, and the heat is sneaking on in. It's supposed to be in the eighties all week, then next week it is supposed to drop about twenty degrees and rain. So, that's New England for ya, right?

Anyway! Today is my first day back at work after a three day weekend, so you can only imagine how rough this morning was. But, I still grabbed my camera as I left, so that's a plus! I basically take the same route every day, to and from work, and there's always certain spots that are more congested than others. 

For instance, this spot. Without a doubt, you can count on hitting this light and getting stuck looking at this mundane gas station. But I've started this thing, that when I'm stuck in traffic I'm going to photograph what I'm looking at. Instead of being frustrated with the fact that I'm sitting in traffic, I'm going to appreciate it for what it is and document it. 

On the way home from work, with it being eighty-five degrees and all, I took the back roads home. I figured I'd rather be stuck in traffic on a beautiful back road, than stuck in traffic on a congested road where they're doing road work. (One of the main roads near me has been ripped up for over a week and I'm not necessarily sure if they have any intention on filling it on or just leaving it like that for half the summer. Also - for some odd reason, it's ALWAYS backed up - even if there's no one doing work there.) But this is all completely besides the point. Anyway - these are the shots that came from my drive home.

The thing that I love the most about these spots is the stories behind each of these places. For example, the small fence between these two houses that is meant to seperate the yards, yet that beautiful tree is slowly creeping into their neighbors yard. The difference between the sets of flowers on each side of the fence. It's the little things that make these places beautiful. Maybe there's no story behind this but then again, maybe there is.

It's the way objects and lines and light interact with each other that is fascinating to me. Maybe, sometimes, I don't need to know anything more than what is directly in front of me. The pure beauty of these moments is what captures me, but it's the possibility of the story that keeps me lingering. 

All of these photographs were shot on a Canon Rebel Eos T1i with an 18-55mm lens. They were edited through Camera Raw - my go to way of editing. No one truly has time to sit there and edit photographs for hours on end, so make the most of your time while out shooting and do it right the first time.

That's all for today!